Qualified MS. Olympia 2023

One of the major Olympia categories that seems to have garnered attention over the years is the Ms. Olympia. The Ms. Olympia came as an afterthought after Mr Olympia had already started making waves in the 60s.  The maiden event of the Ms. Olympia took place in 1980 in Philadelphia, US and was won by … Read more

Qualified: Classic Physique Olympia 2023

The Classic Physique division, although being one of the newest divisions in bodybuilding, is fast growing to be one of the most popular around. This division kicked off in 2016, and the goal was mirror bodies that were reminiscent of what was in vogue in the Golden Era of bodybuilding, between the 1960s to the … Read more

MR Olympia 2022 tickets

For a prestigious event as Mr Olympia, it is commonplace that the tickets would speedily get sold out. As a matter of fact, there is always a chance that the ticket would get sold out weeks or months before the set date for the event. This year’s event is supposed to hold between 15th – … Read more

Qualified Bikini Olympia 2022

Over the years , the Olympia competitions  for women has stretched their divisions to accommodate more categories, which triggered the birth of the Bikini Olympia division. This division has moved since its inception to becoming one of the most-competitive divisions in the Olympia. In this competition, we get to see in plain-view the synergy between … Read more

Mr Olympia 2022 Schedule

All roads are leading to Las Vegas come 15th December, 2022 as we get to experience once again the annual Mr Olympia event. So much has grown since Sir Larry Scott clinched the title for the maiden edition. This year promises a lot packed in an event and we can’t wait to get into the … Read more