Qualified: Classic Physique Olympia 2023

The Classic Physique division, although being one of the newest divisions in bodybuilding, is fast growing to be one of the most popular around. This division kicked off in 2016, and the goal was mirror bodies that were reminiscent of what was in vogue in the Golden Era of bodybuilding, between the 1960s to the 1980s.

 One thing that stands out about the Classic Physique competition is the fact that there is a weight limitation set. This weight limitation is aimed at ensuring that the bodybuilders competing here are not overly muscular. The competition tends to uphold artistic expression in terms of pose rather than braggadocio.

 This year’s Mr Olympia is scheduled to hold between December 15th – December 18th and here are the qualified contenders under the Classic Physique category:

  • Woilid Baatout (France)
  • Chris Bumstead (Canada)
  • Ramon Rocha Queiroz (Brazil)
  • Urs Kalecinski (Germany)
  • Mike Sommerfeld (Germany)
  • Eric Brown (USA)
  • Daniil Famponte (USA)
  • Andrei Kozhokar (Russia)
  • Michael Daboul (United Kingdom)
  • German Pastor (Spain)
  • Eric Wildberger Lisboa (Brazil)
  • Samuel Paquin (Canada)
  • Damien Patrick (USA)
  • Damian Kuffel (Poland)
  • Vahid Badpei (Iran)
  • Laszlo Kiraly (Hungary)
  • Antoine Loth (Spain)
  • Carlos Dommar (USA)
  • Fabio Junio Ramos Vale (Brazil)
  • John Le (Canada)

Past Winners of the Classic Physique Olympia

Having looked at the list of contenders for this year’s Classic Physique Olympia, let’s take a look down memory lane at the past winners.

Danny Hester (2016)

The 47-year-old old-time model would enter this debut competition which was held at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas to become the first Classic Physique Olympia winner. That year, Arash Rahbar would finish closely behind as runner-up while Sadik Hadzovic ended up coming a close third.

Breon Hesley (2017 – 2018)

 By 2017, Hester’s reign as the Classic Physique Olympia champion would be cut short as the 4th-placed contender in the debut year, and Breon Ansley would come from behind to clinch the title. Chris Bumstead, who came a close second, would shock everyone with his outstanding performance, while George Peterson finished third. In an interesting turn of events, Breon Hesley would go on to maintain being champion even in the next year.

Chris Bumstead (2019 – 2021)

Chris Bumstead kicked off 2019 by seizing the Classic Physique Olympia title from Hesley who had a two-year run with it and would go on to win for the next three years. He’s the current champion and would be looking to maintain his spot in this year’s event.

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